Before we invent and design something we want to have a very good understanding of how the product is used or will be used. And if something new is really necessary. So the question ‘why’ is asked frequently.

What do you want to achieve as owner of the product? How do you work with the (future) product as a user? What are the possibilities of the available technology? Together we discover the opportunities, ambitions and needs.

The basis for a Smart Interface

Together with all those involved, from product owner to end user, we keep track of what the interests, needs and challenges are. Together we figure out where the biggest profit can be gained. And we look for new insights and possibilities. This way the foundation is created for the invention or renovation of a Smart Interface for the product.

In this phase of a project there is a lot of space for wild ideas, for exceeding limits to explore new possibilities. And in the end it is all about intuition then. What solution works best, what fits the users journey most? And it has to be executable.

INVENT | From wild ideas to strong solutions


“You find things that you’re not looking for,
when you’re not looking.
But if you’re not looking for something
then you won’t find anything”

– Dave Gray –