What makes a product user friendly, practical or beautiful in appearance? When do the choices on your screen fit the goal you want to achieve entirely? A good design ensures that the user immediately understands what you can do with it and how you should use it.

Determine place, shape and function

of buttons and more

Especially during the design process, it is essential to know where, when and in which way users would like to use the product. With that knowledge we determine where information should be placed and how possible actions are shown. This applies to computer screens, but also to control panels or other physical interfaces and devices. The specialist knowledge of both the product owner and the developers offers insights to come up with a beautiful, usable and executable result.

Specialist in simplification

Don’t Push The Button specialises in interaction design for smart products and simplifying associated user processes. We stand for the designs we make and we are a suitable partner for the design and/or optimisation of:

Smart Systems & High Tech Industries
 Human Machine Interface (HMI) Solutions
 Software- & Web Applications
 (Industrial) Internet of Things

CREATE | Together we create more

“Design is a funny word.
Some people think
design means how it looks.

But of course, if you dig deeper,
it’s really how it works.”

– Steve Jobs –

Due to the innovative character of our clients products, no product details or designs are presented online. Curious about the possibilities?