Making smart products is teamwork. Especially if it concerns products that form the foundation for your company. What the ‘team’ is, is different for every customer, every project and every phase of the project.

The result of teamwork

You do not design and develop a good product by yourself. You can have your own development team or hire an external party. A team of specialists who work well together is an important condition for smart products.

As a specialist in interaction design we form the link between the company, the user and the technique. There is intense collaboration with developers and other specialists to ensure that the design is realised well. Because of this there is often synergy between different disciplines, which leads to good ideas and an ideal execution. With a smart, usable and beautiful product that will make users happy as a result.

The team at Don’t Push The Button

Don’t Push The Button is the design studio of Simone Keijzer. Together with a dedicated team of independent specialists, we help create smart interfaces. This way we can, among other things, ensure UX advice, interaction design, interface design and user tests. We work together in and with the team of our customers and love to give advice about the ideal team composition for your product.

Innovation never stands still

A good product is never finished and an extensive product often consists of multiple parts. Because of this the steps of DISCOVER, INVENT, DESIGN and CREATE are an agile process, in which you learn from the choices you make and from each other. By instantly prototyping and testing many ideas with the users, changes can be made quickly. An efficient approach that allows team, supplier and user to work together in a transparent way.

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